What's New

pdf2014 Annual Report  

Foster Parent Recruitment

The Oneida County Department of Social Services is seeking individuals and families interested in becoming foster parents.  Children range in age from 0-18 and may be short or long term placements.  Foster parents may work outside of the home.  Child care costs may be compensated.  After licensure, foster parent training is required and is provided at no cost. 

There is no charge for the licensing process, whiich takes approximately 4-8 weeks to complete.  Some of the requirements for licensing include housing that passes inspection requirements, fingerprinting, background checks, and positive reference letters.

Please contact Oneida County Department of Social Services at (715) 362-5695 or (888) 662-5695 with questions or to request a foster home packet.

Energy Assistance

The new fuel season for 2014-2015 has ended.  During the summer, crisis funds may be available if you are currently disconnected or have received a disconnect notice from your energy provider.  You must meet eligibility requirements to receive crisis assistance.  If you have questions or would like to apply, please call our office at (715) 362-5695 and ask to speak with an Energy Assistance worker.  We can mail you an application or schedule an appointment for you.